First Impression with Regina Mathew By Love That Design

Ergotron, a Minnesota-based company, has been known for launching ergonomic products and creating exemplary kinetic work environments for four decades now. Often in offices, these products – monitor arms, height adjustable tables, multimedia units – are unsung heroes. They are what bring that extra layer of ease and comfort by smoothening movements between users and their environment. Especially with Ergotron, patented technologies such as Technology of Movement™ and Constant Force™ Technology, bring unparalleled comfort.

TRACE™ Monitor Mount is one such product from Ergotron that we looked closely at with Regina Matthew, Senior Project Designer, AAID. Here’s our first impression.

Just by looking at the product, what three words come first to your mind about its aesthetic and design?

The words ‘Clean, Sleek, Sturdy’ came to mind when I first laid eyes on it. Off the bat, the product seemed reliable and design-conscious at the same time. The slim clamp profile is particularly appealing.

What feature of the product really stands out?

The ease with which the screens can be manoeuvred and adjusted to suit every user is remarkable. I also liked the sturdiness of the fixing post – allowing the screens to be moved around easily without any feeling of instability – it gave confidence that you could, in fact, move the screens as quickly as the product claimed.

Now, if you look at the specifications, what’s your guess on its lifespan and installation time?

If I have to put a number on it, I can confidently say that it would have a minimum lifespan of 5-10 years. But given the quality of the material and fixtures, I would not be surprised if it lasted a lifetime. The installation time also seems to be around 15 minutes – which makes shifting it or reattaching it after renovation work even simpler.

How would you rate the ease of usability of the product?

I found the design of TRACE to be highly intuitive. The ergonomics are just right, making movements such as adjusting between tasks and inviting colleagues for collaboration seamless. With all this factored in, I rate the usability at a solid 8/10.

How do you imagine the product will make an organisation/working easier for the user?

TRACE’s flexibility allows multiple users to view the screen comfortably. Through its ergonomic fit, it encourages well-being by making sure the user moves regularly. Another advantage is that it not only lifts the screen from the desk but also has internal cable management that maximises workspace usage. Considering a simple hardware upgrade allows the organisation to upsize screen sizes is also a huge positive in encouraging organisations to invest in this product.

What’s one thing you would change or add to the product/product range?

I would really like to see the addition of electrification, i.e. enabling the user to set a “home” position and a preferred user position. I absolutely love the idea of uniformity at the end of the day when all screens are “home”.