AAID Wins Commercial Project Of The Year at The Design Middle East Awards

Location - Dubai, UAE

Delighted to announce that AAID has taken home the award for Commercial Project of The Year at The Design Middle East 2023 for its involvement in the Bain & Company Dubai office.

Bain & Company's office space located in One Central Dubai has set a new standard for interior design excellence, deserving of the Interior Design of the Year award in the office category. This submission highlights the remarkable features and thoughtfully curated elements that define the space, aligning seamlessly with the client's vision and ethos. The office's ingenious design, inspired by the meandering Khor river, embodies Bain & Company’s spirit of being bold and extraordinary while fostering collaboration and innovation. With its locally inspired yet contemporary design, premium ambiance, and brand-centric approach, this office space has transformed into a dynamic ecosystem that propels both productivity and creativity.

The Khor river's sinuous course serves as a guiding metaphor for the office layout, with a central core defining the primary circulation path. This core is accentuated by brand-centric flooring and ceiling features, which establish an engaging rhythm throughout the office space. Collaboration zones are strategically carved out, fostering movement and casual interactions. The striking Bain red ceiling cove bifurcates and loops, creating an aesthetic and functional harmony. The incorporation of the brand colors throughout the office, with vibrant tones in open areas and deeper hues in quiet zones, creates a balanced environment that encourages both interaction and focused work.

Central to the design is the 250-pax café, a multifunctional space that transitions from a flexible seating area to an event space, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor elements. The connection with nature is maintained through biophilic design principles, ensuring that employees are always connected to nature's tranquility. The space boasts over 250 carefully curated finishes, each contributing to the vibrant and inspiring atmosphere, with bespoke detailing that sparks moments of creativity and motivation.

A massive thank you to the client and full project team on all your efforts.