AAID Successfully Delivers the Iconic Mr Chow Brand to The Kingdom of Saudi

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In the realm of interior design, few endeavors are as captivating and ambitious as bringing iconic global brands to new destinations. The recent partnership between Allen Architecture Interiors Design (AAID), client MJS, and the full project team has paved the way for a remarkable achievement: the grand opening of the very first Mr Chow restaurant in the Middle East, located in KAFD, Riyadh.

MR CHOW has carved its niche as a beacon of sophistication, blending art, architecture, performance, and culinary innovation into immersive aesthetic experiences. With restaurants spanning across the United States and the United Kingdom, the brand has earned its place as a cultural touchstone for over half a century. Mr Chow's tables have hosted legendary names from the realms of entertainment, music, sports, politics, design, fashion, and more.

The driving force behind this Middle Eastern debut is the client MJS, renowned for introducing premium high-end brands to the region. AAID, a boutique interior design firm based in Dubai, tasked with the artistic and architectural translation of Mr Chow's vision.

The heart of this project was to faithfully encapsulate Mr Chow's essence. It was crucial that the brand identity remained unwavering, even as it ventured into new territory. Being a flagship restaurant, it was paramount to maintain the Mr Chow brand throughout.

The design concept at Mr Chow Riyadh echoes the charm of all its sister establishments. AAID brought a common thread of modern deco with a French-inspired twist, coupled with modern applications and materials, yielded a timeless aesthetic that brings the essence of Mr Chow to the Middle East.

Key Design Features

AAID have delivered several noteworthy features to the restaurant's interiors. The ceiling of the establishment is adorned with LED technology, which brings dynamic graphics to life, skillfully incorporating local and cultural elements in a contemporary fashion. At the heart of the restaurant stands an iconic circular elevator and wrap-around 6 meter high staircase, enhanced with modern accents and metal chains, serving as a focal point synonymous with all Mr Chow venues. The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces is achieved through a facade that opens to an inviting outdoor terrace, offering a harmonious dining experience. The interior is graced with a consistent theme of deco furniture, paying homage to the rich legacy of Mr Chow, while each dining table is elegantly illuminated by an iconic center light, a signature feature that resonates across all Mr Chow venues, adding to the restaurant's unique and captivating ambiance.

Material Selection

The restaurant's interior boasts a collection of materials that elevate it to a realm of distinction. Chrome accents, thoughtfully positioned, bestow a touch of modernity and luminance upon the space, seamlessly complementing the establishment's timeless design. Limestone, chosen for both the flooring and stairs, exudes a sense of grandeur, its natural beauty and enduring strength nodding gracefully to tradition. Black mirrored wall panels add depth and an air of mystique, mirroring the sophistication that defines the essence of Mr Chow's brand. Meanwhile, the curved ceiling soffits introduce an artistic dimension to the environment, fostering a dynamic and visually engaging ambiance. The Venetian plaster walls and columns offer a rich, tactile experience and a visual tapestry of history and artistry, seamlessly woven into the contemporary setting. In this carefully orchestrated symphony of materials, the gun metal chairs emerge as the perfect fusion of comfort and modern design, reinforcing the restaurant's unwavering commitment to elegance and functionality. Finally, the fluted bar, bedecked with black stone, stands as a centerpiece where guests can gather and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of refined opulence, completing the harmonious ensemble of materials that define this remarkable establishment.

As Stuart Allen, Founder & Managing Director of AAID, aptly puts it, "Minimalist design aesthetic relates the simplicity of the materials to be applied with great precision. To create an environment like Mr Chow in this region using local resources takes great collaboration, understanding, and craftsmanship. He adds "The collaboration and execution of this ambitious project within the up-and-coming KAFD financial district required a dedicated team effort, daily resource management, and a keen eye for seizing opportunities and overcome challenges".

This marks AAID's second successful venture with client MJS in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The synergy between the two entities has been both productive and inspiring, setting the stage for future projects that will undoubtedly shape the Middle East's aesthetic landscape. AAID eagerly anticipates future opportunities to redefine the region's interior design and architectural experiences.