White & Case

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Riyadh, KSA
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17,600 sq. ft.
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AAID was chosen as lead design consultants for the headquarters of a US-based law firm in Saudi Arabia, following the successful completion of their partner office in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our close understanding of the company's core business and enthusiasm for incorporating local influences helped shape the design of their new headquarters. ‍The design incorporates traditional Saudi Arabian elements and references to local architecture and history. The undulating lines of sand dunes and double-layered facades can be seen in the design. A barrilux ceiling provides diffused light and a sense of openness throughout the office. The stepping of the architectural facades in the reception area creates private and semi-private spaces, balancing openness with discretion for visitors and employees. The use of traditional materials combined with contemporary glazing highlights the company's international corporate identity while also reflecting local cultural elements.

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