Pepsi Co

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Emaar Square, Dubai, UAE
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43,055 sq ft
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Entrusted with the design and build responsibility for a prominent global brand within the Pepsi Co. portfolio, AAID embarked on a mission to craft a space that unmistakably echoed the essence of Pepsi Co. products. The design concept employed fresh and vibrant tones, strategically using them as accent colors to frame spaces and highlight product displays against a light background, thereby reinforcing the brand's distinctive color palette. This deliberate use of color not only enhanced the visual appeal but also created an immediate association with the Pepsi Co. brand. Beyond the aesthetic elements, the design prioritized fostering connections within the space. A careful orchestration was made to highlight the seamless flow between open public spaces, semi-public group working areas, and private meeting rooms. This emphasis on spatial connectivity not only facilitated a dynamic and collaborative environment but also reflected the ethos of Pepsi Co. as a globally recognized brand. The result was a workspace that not only encapsulated the vibrancy of the brand but also provided functional and visually cohesive settings for various work activities.

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