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Dubai, UAE
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18,550 sq ft.
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AAID was chosen to handle the design, coordination, and delivery services for Lloyd's facility. Our aim was to craft a space that unmistakably represents Lloyd's, ensuring functionality for commercial use, and adhering to Lloyd's global design standards. The design is tailored to cater to multiple tenants functioning as managing agents, providing them with a Lloyd's branded environment while allowing the flexibility to maintain their individual brand identity. Rooted in a bold use of color—primarily black and white from Lloyd's palette—accentuated with a touch of red, the design concept reflects a cohesive and dynamic aesthetic. Dynamic lighting and accent totems were strategically employed to delineate each managing agent's office within the tenancy. A connecting staircase enhances accessibility between different floors. To meet the client's timeline, the project was executed in phases, employing an aggressive schedule to ensure timely delivery. The result is a Lloyd's facility that seamlessly blends global design standards with functionality, creating a distinctive and accommodating environment for managing agents while maintaining the overarching identity of Lloyd's.

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