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Riyadh, KSA
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77,005 sq. ft.
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The main goal for our client in the 2021 office expansion was to create a future-proof workspace accommodating 1,370 employees. The design directive emphasized a contemporary office layout that promotes collaboration and flexibility. Key areas, such as meeting rooms, open offices, private offices, breakout zones, and collaborative spaces, were strategically distributed across each floor, fostering a balanced environment for all departments. The design prioritized adaptability, allowing the configuration of spaces into various settings and functions. To enhance connectivity, a central stairway was implemented, linking the 1st floor to the 4th floor and facilitating vertical circulation among departments. Each floor was uniquely themed, using warm and vibrant colors in line with KPMG's global branding guidelines, distinguishing departments and functions throughout the office space. This approach not only met the client's immediate needs but also laid the groundwork for a workspace that can evolve with the changing dynamics of the workforce.

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