HSBC Olympic

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Dubai, UAE
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13,200 sq ft.
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AAID was entrusted with the task of crafting a sophisticated and professional design for an HSBC office that not only embodies the brand essence but also aligns seamlessly with HSBC guidelines. The design focused on a nuanced interplay of volume and depth, establishing distinct zones within the space for enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal. Encompassing features like an executive suite, open workstations, and a multi-function room, the design catered to the specific requests of the client while seamlessly integrating HSBC's identity through standard graphics, artwork, manifestations, and strategically placed signage for wayfinding. Embracing an agile workspace philosophy, breakout spaces were strategically positioned to encourage spontaneous discussions, fostering collaboration among staff members. Storage elements were thoughtfully placed to complement the concept of volume and depth, ensuring a harmonious and functional layout. In addition, the design embraced biophilic principles with elements like timber slats and living walls, contributing to both aesthetic appeal and practical visual privacy. AAID's design for the HSBC office goes beyond functionality, encapsulating brand identity, adhering to corporate guidelines, and creating a workspace that fosters collaboration, agility, and visual harmony. The result is a sophisticated office environment that aligns seamlessly with HSBC's vision, enhancing the overall work experience for its occupants.

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