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Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE
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75,000 sq ft.
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In the endeavor to transform and redefine the existing HSBC office, AAID undertook the significant task of not only revamping the workspace but also aligning it with HSBC's global workplace standards to achieve a Grade A designation. At the core of this redesign was the objective to create an exceptional working environment that not only met the global benchmarks set by HSBC but also reflected the dynamic essence of Dubai as a cultural bridge between Eastern and Western influences. AAID seamlessly integrated the prescribed colors and materials from HSBC into the design while injecting a distinctive regional flair that harmoniously blends Eastern and Western cultural elements. The design concept strategically utilized colors and materials to delineate distinct zones, drawing inspiration from the cardinal directions in Eastern traditions. This intentional use of elements creates a spatial narrative that is not only aesthetically rich but also deeply rooted in cultural symbolism. The infusion of graphics played a pivotal role in portraying the contrasting dynamics between modernity and tradition, as well as the interplay between humanity and nature. Executed in meticulous phases and adhering to an aggressive schedule to align with the client's relocation timeline, AAID collaborated closely with various stakeholders, including the project management team, facilities management, contractor, and client. This collaborative effort culminated in the successful delivery of a revamped HSBC office that seamlessly embodies global workplace standards while celebrating Dubai's unique cultural positioning.

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