First Gulf Bank

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Sowwah Square, Abu Dhabi
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20,000 sq. ft.
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AAID undertook the responsibility of conceptualizing and designing the Treasury zone for the financial institution, aiming to create a space that seamlessly marries functionality with aesthetics. The design unfolds as a captivating narrative, with intersecting planes of robust materials, including wood and stone, crafted into architectural acoustic glass boxes. These structures serve as dynamic canvases brought to life by the interplay of moving LED ticker tape and strip lights, creating an immersive environment that goes beyond the conventional. Central to the design is the strategic use of lighting, which not only accentuates the dynamic nature of the space but also plays a pivotal role in displaying real-time stock market data. This integration of technology not only serves a functional purpose but also transforms the Treasury zone into a living, breathing entity, reflective of the fast-paced world it navigates. In deliberate contrast, the meeting and trading areas within the Treasury zone are conceived to exude a serene and comfortable atmosphere. Here, fabric-covered environments and the incorporation of natural materials serve as a counterpoint to the prevalent use of technology. This intentional dichotomy creates a balanced and harmonious environment where the intersection of traditional elements and cutting-edge technology mirrors the dual nature of the financial industry itself. Through this comprehensive design, AAID not only met the practical requirements of the Treasury zone but elevated it into a dynamic, multifaceted space that caters to both the functional needs of the institution and the experiential needs of its occupants.

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