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21,300 sq. ft.
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AAID secured the opportunity to design a second office for Coty, strategically situated at the JAFZA Convention Centre. The primary goal was to establish a harmonious and consistent aesthetic that mirrors the design essence of the first office. This cohesiveness holds particular significance for the client, given the regular movement of staff members between the two spaces. In pursuit of this objective, the design strategy focused on the integration of similar color schemes, furniture selections, and overarching design elements across both office locations. The commitment to consistency extends to the use of a cohesive color palette, the implementation of illuminated storage units designed to showcase Coty's diverse range of products, and the incorporation of display surfaces that seamlessly align with the brand's identity. The overarching design vision aspires to cultivate a bright and airy atmosphere within the office space. This intentional choice is made to allow Coty's distinctive motif and brand personality to take center stage, creating an environment that not only facilitates the practical needs of the staff but also serves as a visual extension of Coty's unique identity.

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