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DWTC, Dubai, UAE
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18, 573 sq. ft.
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AAID undertook the task of designing a brand-new office space for Coty at the Dubai World Trade Center, with the primary objective of cultivating a sophisticated and elegant environment. The intention was not only to serve as a showcase for Coty's beauty products but also to function as a dedicated training center for the staff. Embracing a neutral palette as the backdrop, the design incorporated strategic pops of color derived from Coty's branding guidelines, ensuring a cohesive and on-brand aesthetic. The thoughtful design extended beyond visual appeal, creating breakout spaces and meeting points strategically positioned to foster collaboration among the staff. An expansive breakout area was meticulously crafted to accommodate town hall meetings and catering services, emphasizing the multipurpose nature of the space. This design approach aimed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating an office environment that seamlessly integrates workspaces with collaborative zones. Furthermore, meticulous attention was given to access management, ensuring a seamless experience for both the staff and visiting trainees. This comprehensive design strategy reflects AAID's commitment to not only meet the immediate needs of the client but to enhance the overall work experience, creating an office space that is not just a functional setting but a dynamic and inviting hub for productivity and collaboration.

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