Bloom Central

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Abu Dhabi, UAE
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1,980 sq ft
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AAID was selected to deliver comprehensive concept design services, focusing on three pivotal spaces within the Bloom Properties' domain: the reception area, CEO office, and pantry. Our design philosophy harmonizes the realms of luxury and practicality, meticulously curating an ambiance that mirrors the sophisticated image synonymous with Bloom Properties. The synthesis of warm and cold materials and textures serves as a visual ode to the balance sought in the pursuit of an environment that is both opulent and pragmatic. In the reception area, where first impressions are paramount, the design narrative unfolds through carefully chosen elements. Illuminated metal mesh seamlessly integrates with concrete columns, creating a play of light and shadow that exudes modern elegance. This dynamic interplay is juxtaposed with the rich warmth of walnut flooring, creating a visual symphony that captures the essence of Bloom Properties' refined aesthetic. Transitioning to the CEO office, our design approach transcends mere functionality. Here, luxury takes center stage, echoing the ethos of Bloom Properties. The space is curated with an acute attention to detail, ensuring that every element aligns with the overall design narrative. The CEO's workspace becomes a testament to the fusion of style and substance, embodying the values of the organization and providing an inspiring environment for strategic decision-making. In the pantry, a burst of color introduces an element of playfulness, fostering a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. This thoughtful touch contributes to the overall well-being of the workspace, acknowledging the importance of creating environments that cater to both productivity and employee satisfaction. Through a careful curation of these key design elements, AAID has not only met the functional needs of the spaces but has also elevated them into immersive environments that resonate with Bloom Properties' commitment to excellence and innovation.

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