Arbuthnot Latham

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DIFC, Dubai, UAE
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2,315 sq ft
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AAID undertook the prestigious task of designing the new Dubai office for Arbuthnot Latham, a distinguished Scottish private banking institution, strategically located in the heart of the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). Our mission extended beyond mere aesthetics; we were entrusted with developing the company's branding guidelines and crafting a distinctive image that could seamlessly resonate across its global branches. In pursuit of our design intent, we sought to encapsulate the core values of prestige, innovation, and integrity that have been integral to Arbuthnot Latham's storied history and tradition of success. Our approach seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary aesthetics, ensuring that the design not only reflects the esteemed company's image but also positions it as a beacon of sophistication and modernity. The challenge was met with a thoughtful integration of design elements that pay homage to the institution's heritage while embracing a forward-looking vision. The resulting design is more than a physical manifestation; it is a harmonious blend of Arbuthnot Latham's rich legacy and a vision for the future. As the Dubai office stands as a testament to this symbiosis, it sets the stage for a consistent and distinguished brand identity that can be gracefully extended to Arbuthnot Latham's global network of branches. In shaping this space, AAID has not only created a functional and visually appealing environment but has also contributed to the narrative of Arbuthnot Latham's ongoing legacy in the realm of private banking.

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